A World Champion’s sales secret (a.k.a. your K.F.D.)

Short of enlightenment, nothing’s better than studying from masters. For example… When I was a shut-away college geek writing software code every spare minute, I read programming god Joel Spolsky’s “Joel on Software” blog

I screwed up in front of EVERYONE

2 weeks ago I got to speak for some top-achieving business students at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). These were ~20 students serious enough to dress up in suits, ties, and those painfully

Do YOU have a lunk alarm?

“WoooooOOOOOO!” There’s an alarming new gym in town. Literally. Not just because they have no scammy salesmen. (You pay a cancel-anytime flat monthly rate.) Nor because they refuse to offer childcare. Nor because they

Built to sell

Enter Alex Stapleton. He’s the fictional owner of a small marketing agency in John Warrillow’s bestseller, Built To Sell. Alex’s biggest client, MNY bank, knows it can throw him around. The design changes —


I saw the weirdest thing the other day… I was just out for a walk in my sleepy neighborhood, looping my way home, when it came out of nowhere. It was a behemoth on

The “Friends” model of sales automation

At the height of its popularity in 2002, every actor on the hit tv show “Friends” was making $1 million. PER EPISODE. Man, I’d have been a great “Token Indian Guy” for only $100k

Sir Richard Branson’s boring billionaire habit

Nearly every business owner I know admires Sir Richard Branson. I sure do. His life seems like a non-stop thrill ride through 300+ Virgin companies, including trains (Virgin Trains), planes (Virgin Atlantic and Virgin

“The Answer” you’ve been asking for?

I miss Allen Iverson. If you don’t know him, he was one of the scrappiest, most doggedly determined basketball players of all time. Standing just 6’0″ (a munchkin by NBA standards), he sliced through

A morning DJ at night + beer = sales

On Friday afternoon I was driving home from a client meeting, grooving to one of my favorite teenybopper pop radio stations. After they finished playing a song set, the DJ was back again chatting

The “no go” marketing legend

Have you heard the story of the 1970s Chevy Nova flop in Mexico? The story goes that Latin Americans got freaked out about a car called “no va” (“doesn’t go”), so they didn’t buy
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