Why struggling to change is GOOD for sales

Change My morning smoothie reminds me of email marketing.

Not because it’s crazy healthy. (It’s packed with spinach, pea protein, psyllium fiber, brewer’s yeast, and more.)

Not because it’s tempty-tasty either. (The almond milk, stevia, cocoa, and sweet spices like cinnamon, allspice, and cloves do make it delish.)

Not because it’s cheap either. All those health-nutty ingredients add up.

Before I outright tell you why, here’s a clue…

When I worked in the personal growth industry, I learned all sorts of “transformation” tools, and later became a coach.

Here’s a taste of how I’d work with a client:

Client: “I want to be a published author, but I just can’t do any writing in the evening after work. I’ve got the energy, but it just doesn’t happen.”

Me: “So how do you do that?”

Client: “Do what?”

Me: “How do you achieve the result of never writing at night? You’re obviously a pro at it.”

Client: “Uhhh, okay. I never thought about it that way.”

Me: “Yeah, you’re producing that result consistently. Now how do you produce the same result every night? Give it to me step by step.”

Client: “Well, umm, I come home from work about 5:30pm. Then I heat up some dinner and watch tv while I’m eating. I’m usually done by 6:45pm. Then I go to the gym, back by 8:15ish. Then… I dunno… writing just doesn’t happen.”

Me: “So you come home from the gym, then what?”

Client: “I take a hot shower, then I sit on the bed. Then I feel like reading.”

Me: “Ahh, so sitting on the bed after a hot shower makes you feel like reading. Interesting.”

Client: “Right… I do feel a bit drowsy after the shower, so reading feels natural. I get my energy back within about 20 minutes, but by then I’m totally into the book, so I can’t put it down.”

With this clarity, maybe the client can try warm showers instead of hot, listening to music after showering, not plopping down on the bed, etc.

Even then, change is often HARD. And that’s why most people don’t bother trying.

That’s sad for destructive habits, like doing drugs or drinking too much liquor. But at least most habits are pretty benign.

Like checking email.

I check mine 2 or 3x per day, and many people check WAY more than that. (You don’t have to see poll stats to know this.)

But that’s PERFECT for selling.

While inboxes are fuller than ever and people busier than ever, email-driven sales are also higher than ever.

ESPECIALLY when you’ve got a relationship with folks on your list. That’s better for your “sales smoothie” (like my tieback? lol) than any other exotic ingredient from the jungles of Myanmar I could serve you.

If you want help building that relationship, get it here.

Sunni Sukumar
Email Sales Scaler
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